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BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM I  agree that all the above is true and there is no information held from
your hair extensions technician that you feel they should know.

I acknowledge that I have inspected and approved the hair extensions that are to be fitted in my hair.
I acknowledge that no hair extensions can be refunded or exchanged once the fitting process has begun.
I acknowledge that hair extensions are sensitive for the first few days. I have been informed of the daily maintenance procedure. I will follow the daily procedure to keep my hair extensions in the best condition.
I agree to visit the salon in person if I have any serious issues with my hair extensions.
I agree to return to Russian Hair Extensions salon at 3 month. I understands that leaving hair extensions in for longer may lead to tangling, an uncomfortable removal and/or damage to my own hair.

Russian Hair Extensions must be immediately informed in writing about any issues with hair extensions and the customer must visit the salon in person within the next 5 working days.

No complains will be received if any alterations or modifications have been done to hair extensions since the fitting was done by Russian Hair Extensions, such as cutting, colouring, maintenance, re-do, removal or re-fitting, strands adding, repositioning or any other interventions on the original work.

Aftercare Hair Extension